Hab Baguma

Mora Nova Practitioner

Tel: 07956845408

Hab is qualified in the use of the Mora Nova diagnostic device, with the qualification attained both in Germany, the home of Mora, and the UK. The principle of bioresonance is to support the body’s ability to regulate itself. Mora Therapy uses the latest in a long line of medical testing and treating devices. This is a complete assessment and treatment technique using a patient’s own electromagnetic signals which are sensed, processed and then utilised as therapy. Toxic substances are then deleted by inverting the signals.

The aim of Mora therapy is to regulate the body’s biophysical mechanisms and to stimulate and reinforce body’s own immune system. Various conditions can be treated using this therapy, including allergies and food intolerance, detoxification, migraines, anxiety and depression, hot flushes etc.

We also treat pain in the body by analysing the cause of the pain. Once a correct diagnosis is established, then Mora therapy has been found to help to provide relief from such conditions as headaches, joint pains, arthritis, muscle problems, back problems and much more.

All these processes are pain free, non invasive and take only a few minutes.

We can also treat for environmental toxins and other heavy metal poisoning. We live in a world full of Electro Magnetic fields (EMF) which can damage one’s health.

The Mora Nova device can also provide other well being therapies and treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression, pain treatment, allergies and food intolerance, arthritic conditions, menopausal and hot flush conditions, organ detoxification, and the new Mora Beauty available now enables us to provide treatments like cellulite reduction, weight management, smoking cessation and hair and skin treatment using bioresonance.